How It Works

  • Student posts a bid request.
  • Educators from around the country bid on your project.
  • The student picks a bid, and deposits money into our secure account, via credit card.
  • The educator helps the student, either providing tutoring online or helping him finish a paper or assignment.
  • If the student is satisfied, he releases funds to the educator. If not, he requests arbitration.

  • Students: You need help, and you need it fast. You want to work with educators you can trust, and you want to make sure that you get what you paid for.

    Education4Sale does just that. We use a secure system to protect your money. You post the money into a secure account. The educator is notified that the money is in the account, and starts working. When you are satisfied, you then release the money to the educator.

    For example, let’s say that you need help with a chemistry assignment. You post a bid request, saying “I need help with my chemistry.” Educators from all over the country bid on you project. Some might say they will help you for $30, others might bid $10, and others might bid $100. You look at their profile, their feedback from other students, and go ahead and accept a bid and pay the required amount via credit card. The educator helps you with your assignment. If you are satisfied, then you release the funds to the educator.

    If not, you can request arbitration. In a fair, safe process, we will award the money as appropriate. For example, if we determine that the educator did not do what was agreed upon, you will get your money back. If the educator did the work agreed upon, then he gets the money. If it’s more complicated, we will figure it out in a fair, equitable way.

    And, since educators check this website 24 hours a day, you will be able to get expert help much faster here than basically anywhere else.

    Educators: Forget overpriced placement services. Forget selling out and working for some firm that will take 50% (or more) of your earnings. At Education4Sale, we put you in touch with students from everywhere who needs help now. Bid on as many projects as you want – we take only 10% + 30 cents for each transaction, and that includes credit card fees.

    And at Education4Sale, if you do the work, you will get paid. Before you start the tutoring session or paper help, the student deposits the full payment. After you finish, the student releases the funds. And if there is a disagreement, we provide arbitration. We talk to both the educator and the student, review emails or recordings of Skype sessions, and look at any other relevant evidence. If the educator did the work agreed upon, we transfer the money to the educator. If the educator did not do the work agreed upon, then we refund the student's money.

    Once the student (or arbitrator) releases funds, the money goes to your Education4Sale account. You can let your money build up in your account, and withdraw your money any time. We send payments every monday. You can be paid by check, where you only need to pay a 99 cent handling fee, or by Paypay, and then you only pay Paypay's fees. Note that due to fraud and security concerns, we do not use Paypal.

    At Education4Sale, your marketing budget does not matter. Individual tutors have just as much power here as giant firms. Provide excellent service, and you will move up the ranking. New students will see ratings and reviews of your past work. If you can provide excellent service, this is the place for you.